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As students, since we didn't have a lot of time to cook, we relied on food delivery apps every day for all of our food requirements. Although convenient, food delivery apps were very expensive as we were getting charged $20 for $10 dishes.

After talking to 400+ students on campus and 60+ restaurants around Vancouver, we found out that students hated paying high delivery fees while ordering food every day and restaurants were struggling due to thin margins and high costs associated with delivery platforms.

As we faced this struggle first-hand and witnessed hundreds of other students around us face the same challenge, we decided to take action and build something out. And that is how social ordering was born!

By helping local businesses in getting group orders in advance, we not only help merchants in planning their resources efficiently, enabling them in improving their top and bottom line but also enable students and event organizers in getting meals for up to 50% off as compared to other platforms.The smile on the faces of our customers and partners is our biggest reward and we can't wait to bring our social ordering to cities across North America.


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